The Need for a Language Laboratory

It is time to take advantage of the extraordinary opportunity afforded by the multi-cultural, multi-national, multi-lingual nature of Auroville by making available a full-fledged comprehensive language learning facility that will tap into this rich resource, concentrate its benefits, and use them more directly in the service of language education, thereby magnifying its benefits for the enrichment of all.

The Auroville Language Laboratory, ALL, will continue the research work presently conducted to impart high quality second and third language knowledge to the Aurovilian population and to local students, and will increase the scale of the research by making available and experimenting with a diverse range of teaching methods, both traditional and modern. Audio-visual, computer, e-mail and internet-based second-language teaching resources will supplement the traditional classroom. Cultural interchange amongst the languages will be very much part of the Laboratory and cultural programs will also be used as aids to language learning. Film showings in different languages, documentaries, TV programs, theatre programs, creation of newsletters, visits, multi-lingual international pot-lucks etc., will fuse together to make the language learning experience comprehensive, challenging and enjoyable.

The multi-cultural, multi-national teaching faculty at the Laboratory will explore how teaching languages can cut across national, racial, regional and other divisions and foster Human Unity. The specificity and unique spirit of each language will be respected, explored and given space to flower at the Laboratory. ALL will thus make practical contributions towards reducing the dominance of any one language, and the development of a true unity based on diversity and mutual respect between cultures.