• ALL will serve Aurovilians as well as students from the local population.
  • For the local student population, the acquisition of a second language, and now, increasingly, a third language opens up extraordinary opportunities: higher education, work within and outside Auroville, travel within India and abroad, in short: a new life and a new future. ALL will be a channel for this growth.
  • The diversity of teaching styles and learning needs will be fully honored and integrated together in a harmonious way. A wide variety of teacher-student relationships (one-to-one, small groups, larger groups, guided independent study) will be fostered in order to facilitate an ideal learning and teaching environment, suitable to all.
  • Technology will be used to aid learning, as a tool of self-study, and to enrich the contact between the teacher and student, so that it is not de-humanizing or alienating.
  • The spirit of language-sharing will be encouraged in addition to language-teaching.
  • Research in the different native languages will be stimulated. Even single-digit nationalities in Auroville and those from different states of India will find facilities to keep in touch with their native tongue. Resident parents will find support material and resources to help them teach their children their mother tongue.
  • Teaching materials will be developed through interactive and participative methods, for a culturally diverse international audience.
  • Disabilities should not prevent access to language learning; therefore the building and the materials will be accessible.