We have tied up with a fantastic Indian NGO donations portal, Danamojo, to enable secure receipt of donations from around the world and from India. They are very professional, simply wonderful and their interface is super secure.

Here you can donate to help us complete our building, to buy equipment, for our research project, and to our General Expenses and Corpus Fund.

Unit prices approximately are :

  • ₹10,000 = $153.8 / €125.1 / £110.3
  • ₹5,000 = $76.9 / €62.5 / £55.1
  • ₹2,500 = $38.4 /€31.2 / £27.5
  • ₹250 = $3.8 / €3.1 / £2.75
  • ₹500 = $7.6 / €6.2 / £5.5
Please choose the number of units of each you would like to give....

All Indian tax payers can receive a 100% tax-exemption receipt by donating to us.
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We're happy to say one of our projects has been accepted on the world's largest crowdfunding charity and site for their March Accelerator. Donations in UK and USA are tax-exempt. But donations from India are not.

We have met and surpassed the goal twice, and GlobalGiving has advised us to raise the goal.
We need to find 20 more donors (to reach 100 donors) and $609 before March 30th.

There are two more days left!
Please donate even small amounts and help us meet the challenge!
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