What languages can I learn at Auroville Language Lab? 

The Auroville Language Lab as language learning resources in over 29 languages available to students. All year round, language classes are conducted at the Lab, from beginner to advanced levels in the following languages:

  1. English
  2. French
  3. German
  4. Tamil
  5. Sanskrit
  6. Others(Hindi, Spanish, Italian, German...)

How long does it take to learn a language?

Learning as a group or through guided self-study, or a combination of both is possible at the lab.

Classroom sessions are diverse; ranging from classes incorporating internationally acclaimed audio-visual learning material to lively interactive sessions under the trees.

Classroom instruction is often in the form of hourly sessions twice or thrice a week. More intensive, one-to-one sessions are also possible.

How long does it take to learn a language?

There is no magic number or clear cut method of indicating how long it will take for an individual to learn a language. Most classes at the Lab are structured for a minimum of three months, which is usually sufficient for a student to get a good understanding of the language. All this is dependent on the level of interest shown by the student at all levels. The Lab likes to be able to expose its students to not only textbook learning of a language but also incorporate this with audio visual inputs as well.

Why do some languages seem more difficult to learn than others?

Some languages seem more difficult to learn as we are at times not used to the sounds of certain languages, our ears are not tuned to their frequencies and thus we have to concentrate harder and put more energy into the learning of these languages as compared to those which are similar to languages we already know. Needless to say, with proper guidance and a little bit of hard work, it is possible for anyone to learn a language, any language.

Is it more difficult for adults to learn a new language?

No, it has been our observation at the Lab, with the right attitude, a bit of patience and dedication, anyone, of any age can learn a language.

Are different teaching methods used at the lab as a result of having students from different backgrounds from all over the world?

The Auroville Language Lab delights in the fact that it is able to reach out and touch the lives people from such varied backgrounds. The richness that each class has in terms of diversity is remarkable. We find that teaching methods develop themselves over time and more than a hindrance, the fact that there are students from varied backgrounds, helps everyone to collectively shed their inhibitions about speaking a new language.

Is it possible to learn a language on one's own, using written material, cassettes or interactive software?

The ability to set one's own pace, within one's own limits makes self-study an attractive option for some. Supplemented with good quality learning material, it is possible to learn a language using this method. The Auroville Language Lab has a number of self-study programs in several languages available for students.

Is it possible to teach a language as well at the lab?

Yes! Many are those who have benefited from teaching a language at the Lab and have found the experience highly rewarding. All the teachers of the Lab offer their services on a voluntary basis.

In what other ways can I help the Auroville language Lab?

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ALL is always grateful for support of any form be it financial support (for which tax exemption is available),donations in kind or sharing with us your time and skills.