Reminder about Ten-day Intensive classes for French, Hindi and Tamil

The French You Need, in 10 Days! This 10-day French intensive program will begin on May 7th and end on May 18th (two weeks, Monday to Friday, from 11am to 12pm). During these 10 days, you'll learn French basics: you'll be able to order in a restaurant, to book accommodation, to ask for help in many situations (in a shop, directions...), in addition of course, to all the classic stuff including presenting yourself, telling time, etc.

Basic Spoken Hindi Intensive class Another 10-day class, starting on May 7th and ending on May 18th: for two weeks, Monday to Friday, from 10 to 11am. Those who did the class with Vandita last summer are welcome back to refresh their knowledge and practise, and new students are welcome. Mita is looking forward to getting back to teaching after a gap. Get ready to master basic Hindi conjugation: enough to be able to travel up north, or to enjoy short conversations with the many Hindi speakers in Auroville. Enjoying yourself, laughing and having fun is a basic requirement for this class!

Basic Spoken Tamil Intensive. A new batch will start in May. Saravanan would like to offer something new this time. He’ll avoid writing on the black board and will focus on a lot of conversation practice. The class will involve working together with the Tamil materials on the Lab mediatheque, followed by card play with Introductions, Questions, Useful words, Tamil culture, based on the “Fun with Tamil” grammar. The class will also watch a Tamil movie. There will be a Whatsapp group to update students and to share short advertisements in Tamil and audio recordings of the materials covered in class. Though the class will remain twice a week, it is intensive because of the number of topics covered in 10 days. Tuesday and Thursday mornings 10-11am. For those who have already done some Tamil before, and need to review, this is the class for you. Also, for totally new students who want to jump in and immerse themselves in Tamil.

The regular Beginners Tamil class at a slower pace, has a change of timing: 11.30am to 12.30pm on the same days as before : Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Malcolm continues teaching English classes from 5 pm to 6 pm: the Pre-Intermediate class is on Mondays and Wednesdays, and the Beginners’ class is on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Piero continues teaching Italian classes for the Pre-Intermediate level from 5 pm to 6 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Juan Carlos continues teaching Spanish classes for Beginners from 4 pm to 5 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Susana continues teaching Intermediate Spanish classes from 4.30 to 5.30pm on Wednesday and 11.30 to 1pm on Saturday.

For more information, timings and dates, and registration, please contact Language Lab.

French-English and Hindi-English Visual Dictionaries available.

We've received copies of excellent French-English and Hindi-English visual dictionaries. With beautiful, colorful, modern photos, covering many different facets of life, these dictionaries make language learning fun. For those of us who were used to the wonderful, but very boring Bhargava's Hindi-English dictionaries, this Visual Dictionary is a breath of fresh air. All those who want to learn Hindi or French, please come and check them out. We are collecting orders and the publisher has given us a discount for Auroville. They are available at our Reception for you to have a look and order if you wish.

We've also been working on adding materials to our mediatheque. These are audio, video and software resources for language learning. Come and check it out.

Places will also open out for the Tomatis programs in May.

Incidentally, if anyone is coming back to Auroville from Europe and is willing to bring back some Tomatis headphones, please let us know. We're also looking for people coming to Auroville from Australia or New Zealand,to bring back a very small and light package. Please let us know if you hear of/know anyone who could help.

We are looking for people from different parts of India and around the world to make audio recordings in their mother tongues. So if you have a good voice and you would like to contribute, please contact us. Recordings are for half an hour each and could be every morning from 9-10am.



Tomatis listening sessions!
In the last News and Notes, we promised to talk about the benefits of Tomatis for adults.
In brief, according to Dr. Alfred Tomatis’ research, the ear does more than simply hear.  It acts as a dynamo and energizes the brain.  It ensures equilibrium and verticality.  It controls all body movement and posture.  It ensures bodily integration and coordination.  It is profoundly related to the psyche and the nervous system.  And finally, it controls listening, communication and language.  We read with our ears.  We speak and we sing with our ears!  So the machine he devised, called the “Electronic Ear” can act in all these areas
In addition to language learning, Tomatis can help with improving attention, concentration and memory/retention.  It can break lethargy and depression.  It can give a much-needed energy boost at certain stages of life.  On the other hand, if someone is too “speedy” it can help slow them down.  Teenagers can help get clarity in the midst of confusion. So can those going thru mid-life crises.  It is wonder for learning disorders, dyslexia, for instance. It can help with stuttering and aphasia, where language is affected.
Sometimes, emotional baggage and the resulting listening postures limit our awareness and consciousness.  Ever talked with someone and got the feeling that they aren’t really listening, aren’t really there; they seem to be nodding and responding, but the responses are perfunctory.  Or they are full of themselves and answer everything you say with some response of their own without really listening?  Ever had the feeling that you are stuck and something imperceptible is holding you back, or it’s like your wheels are rotating in the same place without moving forward?  Ever felt at a cross-road and that you need a change but you are scared to try?  Ever experienced stress, anxiety and sleeplessness?  Tomatis is a tool that can help in all of these situations. 
It can help with vertigo/dizziness, Meniere’s Syndrome and other balance and coordination issues.  It can help with certain kinds of hearing loss and tinnitus (depends on the cause and type).  It has applications for voice, singing and music – for example, difficulties to hear different tones, or to follow a tune. Musicians can discover that more refined listening helps in a deeper connection with their instrument.  Artists can find it deepens their creative expression.
Many people suffer from oversensitivity to sound.  This indicates a weakness in the ear’s ability to sieve out unimportant information. Overhearing is basically poor listening!  The Tomatis Ear-training can help.
The listening training can be used by singers, public speakers, broadcast professionals, since, according to Tomatis, the ear controls the voice.  It can be used to prepare for exams, and by pregnant women…
Tomatis can help get clarity, boost creativity and self-confidence and uncover hidden potential.  It has applications for people of ALL ages – kids, teenagers, adults, seniors…..
However, Tomatis isn’t for “problems” alone : Better Listening benefits everybody!
The kinds of programs depend on the need/aim of the person as expressed and as identified in the diagnostic Listening Test.  These programs are longer in duration than the language training programs, and they are highly individualized.  However, in our experience, even a small period doing Tomatis’ “ear-obics” helps!
(And yes, of course, we offer it for languages too!).
There is a film of 45 minutes, in French with English sub-titles, available at the Lab and on our website ( who want to know more about the Tomatis Method.  This film is available at any time on our mediatheque. Please ask.


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