Exclusive Language Learning Material 

  • Mother's Prayers and Meditations: A unique way to learn French through the Prayers and Meditations of The Mother. This is now available as a packaged set of 9 CDs and can be used by students of French to learn the language through the beautiful poetry of The Mother.
  • Fun With Tamil' Book: An innovative spoken Tamil book, that unlike most books on the subject, has been born out of inter-active sessions with students of the language. The insights born out of a series of enthusiastic group sessions - "Fun with Tamil" are now available to everyone in the form of audio recording, soon to be expanded into an interactive software program as well.
  • Innovative Learning Material: The Lab has created a series of beautiful alphabet flash cards to assist language learning based on colour-sound associations. This work is in its final stage for Tamil, and will also be available for Sanskrit.
  • Hitopadesha In French