So what exactly is a “Group Tomatis Class” It is a regular class, except that students and the teacher will all have special Tomatis headphones connected to the Tomatis Electronic Ear (EE) and have microphones to speak into.  The EE “imposes” the settings/parameters of the language being taught, thus giving a very precise way of listening, like that of a native speaker. And since, according to Tomatis, the ear controls the voice, our voice gets modified as we speak, in response.  Pronunciation becomes more precise; the flow of the language and expression improve.  Attention, concentration, and memory improve as well.  It intensifies the teaching and collective learning experience, bringing people in tune with each other – on the same wavelength as it were - and most importantly, hastens language learning.  Of course, in true Tomatis style, all classes will start with a bit of music in the beginning and in the end, to relax.
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