Launch of Tomatis Classes and Group Language Training!

Till now, the Tomatis program was always offered as an individual program, for language training as well. The very high cost of the sensitive equipment prevented us so far from offering it for groups. Finally, after a very long haul, we are able to do that! Starting in June, we will offer both the “Group Language Training” (the extended Tomatis listening training followed by vocal practice exercises) as well as “Tomatis Classes” for groups of six persons at a time. The “Tomatis Classes” in particular are enabled by the Foundation for World Education (FWE),USA, and Stichting de Zaiier, Holland, through the Auroville Project Coordination Group (PCG), who supported the purchase of most of the equipment needed. The balance was pure hard work, including work in exchange for expensive software. The equipment for the Group Language Training has come from a crowdfunding effort through GlobalGiving, as well as other donations from well-wishers in the Tomatis world. It took quite a while – much longer than we expected – and quite a few challenges and adventures to put it together. But now it is ready!

So what exactly is a “Tomatis Class”? It is a regular language class, except that students and the teacher will all have the special Tomatis headphones connected to the Tomatis Electronic Ear (EE) and have microphones to speak into. The EE “imposes” the settings/parameters of the language being taught, thus giving a very precise way of listening, like that of a native speaker. And since, according to Tomatis, the ear controls the voice, our voice gets modified as we speak, in response. Pronunciation becomes more precise; flow of the language and expression improve. Attention, concentration and memory improve as well. It intensifies the teaching and collective learning experience, bringing people in tune with each other – on the same wavelength as it were - and most importantly, hastens language learning. Of course, in true Tomatis style, all classes will start with a bit of music in the beginning and at the end, to relax.

We’re starting a new class to launch this program : Upper Intermediate English, taught by Mita R. If you are already speaking English comparatively well, but find yourself a little frustrated because you know you are still making mistakes and can improve, this class is for you. The class will cover discussion on different topics, reading as well as writing. Discussion will focus on what’s happening in Auroville, India and the world, since very week, each student will report on news from Auroville, Indian news and world news. There’ll be a bit of reading out loud, as well as short writing assignments (reporting on what was discussed in the last class). We’ll have a Google Team Drive for the class where students can share (and correct) each other’s written work. We’ll also work with some English Grammar books, and possibly do a module of grammar in each class. It will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-5:30pm. The first class will be on Tuesday 04.06.18, but registration is required and should be completed by Saturday 1st June. Please come to the Lab and meet Ranjini at the front desk to register. Please also send an email to with “Upper Intermediate English” in the Subject line, with a small text saying where you are from, how long you have lived in Auroville (or the Auroville area), how long you have been speaking English, why you’d like to join the class, and what you feel your needs are for learning English. 

And the good news for all who have been wanting to progress with Tamil : we are now able to offer Tomatis for Tamil! Saravanan’s new groups for Spoken Tamil which will start in June, will also be “Tomatis classes” using the Tomatis equipment!!! This is what we have been waiting for! All those who have been through the Beginners classes, as well as the Intermediate classes are welcome – we will make a group for each level. What you learn will stick in your head! Moreover, you will be able to use it more easily. If you have tried learning Tamil many times and given up, retaining not a great amount of what you learnt, this is your chance to start again! Or maybe you found you retained the info, but your pronunciation wasn’t good… Either way, you must try it out! For timings, contact the Lab.

The Group Listening Training will follow the same guidelines as the individual training, which is the intensive 70-hour program, which trains the brain to listen and pronounce like a native speaker. One assimilates the language like a baby in the womb. The prices will be much lower than the individual programs. The GlobalGiving Group program of English Training for Women will be the first to launch. The first group of six is ready and will start on Monday 03.06.19 from 4-6pm, every day, Monday-Friday. As long as the other programs take place at a different time, other languages will be offered, including Tamil. Additional groups for English can also happen. (The regular individual programs will continue.)

Contact : or call us @ 2623661/2000013/2000014.